What is a chiropractic adjustment?

The Chiropractor has one job: Recreate the best position and mobility of your spine.  This will promote spine health and ensure nervous system strength.   The chiropractor does this through a series of adjustments to the spine joints.  Adjustments are hands on, short manualmovements that enhance your joint function.  Its a very simple concept actually.  Move it, or lose it!
How would I know if I had any spine dysfunction or arthritis?  
Most of the time you can feel fixation, tension or even pain due to the swelling that starts in the dysfunctional area.  Sometimes you feel absolutely no pain at all!  A simple chiropractic exam will evaluate your entire spine for proper bone and joint health.  You will see it yourself!


The nuts and bolts of Chiropractic

The everyday forces of life are tough on the spine.  From childhood to adulthood and for the rest of our lives, we put stress on our bones and joints.  Unfortunately, these forces can add up and overwhelm the spine creating less than optimal mobility and decrease it's structural function.

The Spine:
Our spines are made of 24 bones that have joints.  Every joint in your body needs to be freely moveable in order to stay healthy! If you have lost movement over time, your joints WILL decay and become arthritic.  Movement is one of the most important factors in having long lasting bone and joint structures.  The spine is very important because it surrounds and protects your spinal cord!   However, if your spine joints are not moving well, it can put pressure on the very thing it is trying to protect, the central nervous system, cutting off proper nerve flow to and from the brain.  Remember, the brain controls and regulates every function of your body performance (keeps you alive).  Maintaining good spine health is crucial to ensuring proper nerve function and a healthy physical structure.


Chiropractic does not heal anything!  It simply restores function to the spine, and by doing that the nervous system works more freely to convey the brains information.  The body is designed to heal itself, and only does so through the direction of the nervous system and its ability to know when to create NEW cells in place of sick and dying cells.  That's the only way you heal.  Chiropractic helps the body do its job.

We offer the following Chiropractic services:
-Spine pain care
-Poor posture correction
-Spine arthritis care
-Disc arthritis care
-Scoliosis reduction
-Accident rehabilitation
-Mobility enhancement
-Athletic performance care